about me

With a commanding presence and polished style, Krys Evans performs on the highest level and is the industry's next big thing. She credits the greats of hip hop, R&B and reggae for her success, having inspired her to explore her talents and establish a career of her own. Her earlier days consisted of too many late nights studying for the LSAT exam and early mornings getting ready for unpaid internships before deciding to pursue music wholeheartedly. She has worked with the crème de la crème of the music industry, including rapper Jim Jones who featured on her album, “Resilient”. 

As a rapper, Krys Evans is clever, known for her stunning wordplay and precise flow that shifts from delightful to daring in a flash. Her delivery is that of a diamond cut, complementing her laser-sharp lyricism. 

Her range isn’t exclusive to rap heat, though, as many of her fan favorites are her singing tracks. Her melodies and harmonies are tantalizing, making her R&B songs bleed and pop songs twinkle. 

As one of the most versatile and impressive acts on the rise, Krys Evans is in a lane of her own and headed straight to the top. 

Krys Evans was born Marsella Christina Evans in 1994. Born in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania to an Afrolatina mother and a West Indian father, Krys grew up listening to music from around the world. As a child, she wrote songs and would sing but was too shy to let anyone hear. Krys relocated to Queens, New York for high school where she began to break out of her shell and experiment with recording. Krys was contacted by one of her peers to get into the studio after seeing a video of her singing on Facebook. She joined his group called “Fortune & Fame” and recorded tracks with them before starting college. 

Krys attended St. John’s University in Queens, NY with a major in English. Still unsure about pursuing music as a career, Krys set out to become a lawyer. Unwilling to let her passion for music die out, Krys continued to record with her group members and even began booking recording sessions of her own. Whenever she wasn’t studying, she was perfecting her craft. Krys worked on her singing voice, developed her rapping skills and strengthened her writing ability. Her first inadvertent diss track “How You Doing” was written her sophomore year and gained a lot of attention on campus. On the track, Krys calls out her naysayers that doubt her rap ability and teases her ex boyfriend for complaining about her chilly demeanor. She sparked the interest of other artists on campus and began to network. Krys began performing on campus in between classes and at open mics in the city. 

After graduation, it was clear to Krys that making music was what she wanted to do with her life. Her aunt secured her a job in marketing, so Krys would spend her days as a Copywriter and would spend every night she could at the studio. A few months after graduation, she signed to an indie label and began working on her first album. The deal fell through halfway through the project, so Krys set out to record her album independently. To add to the fire, Krys quit her job at the advertising agency and began bartending at the hottest clubs in the city. 

Krys began to put all of her energy into her music career. At the club, she began networking with the biggest names in entertainment and self promoting her music. One day at the gym, Krys ran into battle rap star Loaded Lux. The two exchanged contacts and he became her first major feature and interview. At a club she worked at, she ran into Murda Mook who became her second feature and interview. 

Her debut album, “Resilient,” was released in January of 2020 and displayed her capacity to create a body of work as multifaceted as she is. The album saw her leaning into a pop style, but still encompassed Hip hop and R&B songs. Krys featured new talents Brodie Fresh and Ray Mula to add dimension to the rap tracks “Brand New” and “Out the Way”, respectively. “New Life”, a boom bap rap track, tells the story of making your dreams a reality and features legendary verses from JimJones and Loaded Lux. Inspired by “Back in the Day” by Ahmad, Krys pays homage to the Hip hop classic by singing her rendition on the hook. Krys wrote well over 50 songs in 2020, and featured on dozens of tracks for other artists, including “Money Maker”, “The World” and ”Lovesick”. 

In 2021, she returned with “Over Everything” a smash hit featuring Grammy nominated reggae artist, Sizzla. The reggae track has a feel-good energy that makes it hard to sit still when you hear it. Inspired by her caribbean upbringing and reggae artists she’s looked up to, like Sizzla, Krys embraces her talent for making caribbean music. The track was followed by “Get the Money”, a fiery dancehall anthem, solidifying her place in the music genre. 

“The Refund” mixtape is set to release in December 2021. This ten track mixtape highlights Krys’ raw rap ability, remixing iconic Hip hop songs that made an impact on the genre. The visual to “Over Everything” is set to release in August 2021. Krys will resume performing her album songs and new releases post-pandemic.